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Christian Education

A continuing nurturing of the Christian faith is essential to its application in the modern world.

Children's ClassSunday School Programs.  Sunday school programs generally run in concert with the public school year - from September through May.  GSPC has a broad and comprehensive Christian education curriculum for all ages - from kindergarten through adults.  We are blessed to have a number of professional educators in the congregation who have put in place a structured and progressive program, with specific learning objectives for each age group.  The complete scope and sequence of the program is available for your examination.

Children's Christian Education

Sunday School for ages 4-4th grade uses a “rotational teaching model” curriculum.  Each week the students rotate through a different approach to interpreting the same scriptural story.  During September and October, the focus is the story of the Good Samaritan – from whom we take our name.

Repeated exploration of the same story from different points of view reinforces the preceding lessons and is more engaging than the traditional lecture approach.  Other lessons will approach the story through art, music, cooking, science, and storytelling.  We encourage both parents and students to tell us how you think this approach is working.

During the recent class session the 5th through 12th grade classes have been exercising a new creative outlet to illustrate specific Bible stories.  For their canvas they're illustrating classroom ceiling tiles.  Shown below are (left) The Garden of Eden and (right) Noah's Ark. 

If you see yourself as an unappreciated Michelangelo, come join and claim a tile!

Adult Sunday School ClassAdult Christian Education.  Adult Christian education occurs in some form throughout the year, although most classes align with the public school year. 



Confirmation of Youth.  We peridically offer a Confirmation Class for youth who are at least in the 7th grade.  Basic topics include the history of the PC(USA), The Affirmation of Faith/Confirmation of Baptism, Policy and Process of Presbyterian Churches and spiritual aspects of Church Membership.

Additional Opportunities.  Other educational opportunities occur as interest and topics may call for.  During the summer months there will typically be a discussion class based on a movie of interest that the participants watch during the prior week.  Previously there was a church-wide focus on the realities of hunger in the community and throughout the world.  The participants ended the week-long program with a 30-Hour Fast, followed by a discussion of what it was like to go hungry, even for a short time.  Also there was a program to educate and challenge the congregation to greater participation in our mission outreach.

The CE committee and the church leadership constantly strive to bring curriculum of substance and interest to the whole church family.  If you have any questions about particular classes or our Christian education program in general, please contact the church office.