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About Us

The functions of our Congregation are divided into three teams, organized around our core principles.  Each team is made up of several Ruling Elders serving on Session (our main Church governing body), along with members of the congregation at large who are involved in the work of the various teams.  A brief vision for each team is as follows:

Hospitality Team:  To lead and provide space, time and anything else that is needed for this congregation to love our neighbors.

Communion Team:  To help and provide paths of growth for our worshiping community in their relationships to God and one another.

Discipleship Team:  To challenge and encourage people as they follow Jesus and are being formed by his example.

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Mission Statement

The Gospel is “good news,” and we are called to share what we have received. We seek to be the body of Christ in the world and we want to share the hope that we have in Christ with the people we meet.We are not just the church on Sunday morning, but everywhere we go.



Sundays and Beyond

During our worship service, we encourage children to be present.  We do have a nursery for Infants through age five.  We also have a “Children in Church,” program as well, for grade schoolers who may have a bit of a hard time with the squirms and a short attention span.  There is a table in the rear of the sanctuary where kids who are old enough to know what quiet means can color, draw, or do puzzles on activity sheets relating to the text for the week.  The activity table has an adult volunteer to supervise and the materials can also go with the child if they prefer to sit with their parents.  Our hope is that this approach helps kids grow into teens and young adults who feel comfortable and at home in the worship traditions of the Church.

We offer Sunday School for all ages during the School Year (September – June), including several adult classes.  Sunday School meets at 9:00 AM. Youth Group for grades 6-12 meets every other week at 6:00 or for special activities. We also have several Small Groups for people to connect on a deeper level.


Communion at Good Samaritan

Our Communion table is open to all who have been baptized, including children.  Participation is up to the wishes of the parents, if they feel that their child understands the significance of the Lord’s Table then the children are welcome, if the parents would rather have their children wait until they are older or have gone through confirmation classes, the children can still come forward and receive a blessing (if you are new please try to indicate to the Pastor, which you prefer).  The Pastor will also be glad to talk with parents and children about the meaning of the Sacraments (Baptism or the Lord’s Supper).

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